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Prosing for Gap-Closing

Bonnie has been a prolific writer since her early days, covering various genres such as poetry, prose, and children's literature. Her PhD research revealed disparities in language development among infants with mothers who have limited education, inspiring her to use her writing skills to bridge these gaps and promote equality for disadvantaged children and youth. To achieve this, she established Prosing for Gap-Closing, a social enterprise that publishes her children's books and channels the profits towards charitable causes. Visit for more information.

Bonnie selling her book
the book "A Little Bag of Raisins"

Bonnie's first book was "A Little Bag of Raisins." The tale follows Michelle as she is given a bag of raisins by her mother to store "where it belongs." Told from a child's perspective, the book entertainingly depicts Michelle's quest for the ideal location to keep the raisins, culminating in a surprising ending.

Recently published, "Free-bird" is Bonnie's second book, which follows the captivating journey of a small bird that loses its power of flight. This book was inspired by Bonnie's weekly therapy sessions with T, a young girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy who, despite the disorder's effects on her limbs and speech, possesses remarkable bravery, wisdom, sensitivity, and humor. The book emphasizes the significance of self-empowerment in overcoming life's obstacles and encourages parents and caregivers to help children attain it.

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