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Speech Therapy

Bonnie with a toddler in her clinic
Bonnie with a toddler in her clinic
Bonnie with a toddler in her clinic

Bonnie is an experienced speech therapist with extensive expertise in working with children facing language and speech delays due to various conditions, including autism, Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, and hearing impairment, among others. Beyond traditional speech therapy, Bonnie is dedicated to assisting children in creative and effective ways.

Early in her career, she collaborated with a music therapist to release a CD of songs designed to train oral motor skills, which was widely distributed to educational settings. She also developed the innovative therapy method "Bonbooks" creating personalized books to emphasize the linguistic domains children struggle with. The "Bonbooks" therapy method was a success in special education settings in Israel and led to Bonnie being invited to give lectures at educational centers throughout the country.

Later in her career, Bonnie held leadership positions, including overseeing the speech therapy department at the Central District Child Development Institute and serving as a supervisor of speech and language pathologists in special education settings.

Bonnie has recently expanded her practice to include therapy for babies and toddlers who are lagging in their speech development. She guides them towards their first words while appreciating the role of dedicated parents, the joy of play in children, and the significance of even the smallest achievements. Bonnie remains committed to enhancing the field of speech therapy and making a positive impact.

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